Finding the right people for your business, can often be difficult and time-consuming.

Taking on people who are not right for the job or your team can be detrimental to your business. It can ultimately lead to higher people turnover, additional costs for repeated recruitment, falling productivity, more management stress and lower morale for the existing team. Further, new recruits who cannot do the job they were employed for, or who don’t ‘fit’ with the existing team, are likely to be unhappy, unlikely to perform well or cooperate willingly, and ultimately will probably end up leaving, voluntarily or involuntarily. Unsuccessful selection can be avoided by using a recruitment and selection process that is based on assessing the role to be filled, and the skills and abilities needed to fill it.  Behind this process should always be a clear people strategy that sits within your strategic plan. This strategy, of course, starts with knowing who you are as a business, what your core values are, and where you are heading together. This will provide you with a clearer direction in assessing the role and the type of candidate that will fit the required skills and abilities.

Recruiting via an agency or direct?

Whether you are utilising the services of a recruitment agency or recruiting direct, ensuring you are clear on who you are looking for to compliment your existing team, will ease the recruitment process for all of those involved. There are many recruitment agencies in the market offering assistance in your talent search. So if you are wanting to utilise their services, engaging with the right one that understands your business, is an important step in ensuring you are successful with your selection. Take the time to meet with your chosen agency. Make sure you feel comfortable with them because after all, you are working together to achieve the same goal – a successful and long term selection for your team. For those of you who choose to recruit direct, Seek offer a Small Business Guide that can assist you with this process. The guide takes you through the process, from starting with the role and the required skills and abilities to match this role, to placing the advertisement, interviewing, selecting and retaining your new recruit. Remember, the time you invest during the recruitment process will go a long way towards ensuring your selection is a long term successful one.