5 Super Easy Ways to Employee Happiness and Wellness

Always bear in mind that the most important value in your business are your employees. Therefore, it is of great importance to ensure the maintenance of their health. It means that they shouldn’t feel overly pressured, stressed out, drained or exhausted. This will significantly help you gain benefit for your business. Not only will you have a motivated team, but they will also keep their focus, love and care about your business. Isn’t that what every business owner desires? Thanks to Alsco New Zealand, let us introduce you to some very simple tips. They are sure to make a significant change in your employee’s health and wellness.

#1 Stairs over Elevators

Elevators may provide comfort and ease, but they are not great encouragement for a healthy heart. Taking the stairs for at least ten minutes burns up to 500kJ. Isn’t it a better solution then? Lead the way and set an example for your team, take the stairs.

#2 Take Lunchtime Walks

Encourage your team to take short walks during their lunch break. The change in their environment is what’s important. The fresh air will help your team to clear their minds. This helps to maintain productivity for the rest of the day. You could also make a pledge to take a walk every lunch time too.

#3 Hydration Reminders

In order to stay healthy we must drink water regularly. There are many ways you can encourage your team to do this. For example: you can place eye-catching notes by the water dispenser, send reminders via social media or via email. Staying hydrated is really important and can’t be stressed enough!

#4 Inspect Air Quality in Your Workplace

Inspection and improvement of the quality of the air in your workplace is essential for your team’s comfort and health. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can cause damage  to your employees health. In poor air quality conditions, they can show symptoms such as fatigue, headache, and poor concentration. Irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs is also possible. Your employees wellness is extremely important, so take the time to check the quality of the air in your workplace today!

#5 Manage Your Life-Work Volume

What we struggle with may not actually be Life-Work Balance,  but Life-Work Volume. Life may seem chaotic and frenzied when there’s too much to do. The best way to solve this is to conclude what you can do without and make the decision to let go of it. This will help you achieve the much needed Life-Work Balance. Get rid of the ‘noise’! These five easy steps are very easy to implement, so why would you not? After all, a big pay packet is not the only way to keep your team happy.  So don’t waste a second and start implementing these small steps today! There are many other subtle ways to help your employees feel appreciated too. For more ideas, check out Alsco’s exclusive detailed resource with even more practical ideas. They guarantee that these steps are sure to bring out the best from your employees, resulting in much greater productivity.   via: Alsco New Zealand