Major fine for health and safety failings

Following the recent media release from WorkSafe New Zealand for two incidents resulting in serious harm to workers within three months, I thought it was a timely reminder for all of us. Ensuring we provide not only a safe working environment but a safety-focused culture is something we all as business owners should be striving for.

While we are required to document our safe working procedures, relying on these is not enough. The documented processes should only ever be a written version of how we are already working. Working safely, ensuring we all return home in the same state that we arrived in each day, is everyone’s responsibility. Pressures to get the job done quickly and efficiently will always be there. But taking short-cuts that result in risk exposure, should never be part of any working environment. Nor should this be an expectation of us as business owners – getting the job done quickly, at all costs, is NOT acceptable.

If you would like some help reviewing your H&S requirements, or with improving your safety-focused team culture, contact us today. 

For the full WorkSafe New Zealand media release, click here.