Success, according to Simon Sinek, starts with Why.

Why do we do what we do? Simon Sinek is an inspiring and motivating leadership and management speaker. His 10 rules for success is something that I have on my wall in my office – a regular reminder to keep it real and to stay true to myself in business and in life. I encourage you to take time out to watch this inspiring clip, in my opinion, it’s worth it.

Here’s a summary of those ‘rules’:

  1. Break the rules – Just don’t get in the way of anyone else doing what they want.
  2. Train your mind – Learn to interpret your body’s feelings as excitement rather than nervousness.
  3. Be patient – Things take a while to achieve.
  4. Take accountability – Sometimes you’re the problem, look closer to home.
  5. Outdo yourself  – Don’t focus on outdoing others. Be better than yourself.
  6. Stack the deck – Put yourself in the position of empowerment by surrounding yourself with those that want you there.
  7. Be the last to speak (practice being last – Nelson Mandela) – Hold your opinions to yourself until everyone else has spoken.  Others will feel they have been heard, that they have contributed. You get the benefit of hearing what everyone else thinks before you render your opinion. If you agree with someone, don’t nod ‘yes’, if you disagree, don’t shake ‘no’, simply sit there, take it all in, and ask questions so you can understand what they are speaking about, where they stand, and why they have the opinion they have – not just what they are saying.
  8. Be Authentic – Don’t lie – you can’t form trust otherwise. Say and do the things you actually believe, because the things you say and do are ‘symbols’ of who you are, and we look for those ‘symbols’, so we can find people who believe what we believe, our survival depends on it. Put out false ‘symbols’ and you’ll attract people who don’t believe what you do and you won’t be able to form trust with them.
  9. Find your Passion – Passion is an energy, it is a feeling. Do things that you love, that you enjoy.
  10. Start with Why – Why we do what we do – our purpose, belief, why we exist.

For those that haven’t heard of Simon’s ‘Golden Circle’ – it all starts with Why? Why do you do what you do? Once you understand this with clarity, then you can provide direction for your business.

Why do you what you do?